About blog

POLONA/<labs> is a website created by the National Library of Poland and dedicated to the use of new technologies in the digitization and popularization of cultural heritage resources on the Internet.

Digitized collections accessible online help us better protect our cultural heritage and introduce it into the world of today’s media. Digitization of data allows scientists to benefit from research solutions hitherto unavailable. At the same time new requirements appear regarding the processing and physical preservation of the collections on a large scale, their correct digitization, long-term storage and sharing in computer networks.

The Competence Centre for Digitizing Library Collections and IFLA PAC Centre, which work within the National Library, are where specialists dealing with different aspects of digitization can co-operate. The purpose of our website is to present up-to-date solutions and possibilities in digitization of and providing access to the collections. Co-operation with other specialists and developing our competences will allow us to exchange our knowledge and share good practices with colleagues from Poland and from over the world.

We invite all interested authors to co-operate in creating materials for publication on our website. Please, submit the suggestions of topics with short abstracts to the e-mail address: labs@bn.org.pl.

If not otherwise stated, the articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. It allows the distribution, processing, copying and quoting of the content provided that the source and author are given and the same license is used.